About Cheryl Schuh

At age, 20 Cheryl ventured into the U.K. and quickly found kindred spirits whose enthusiasm for her music brought her into the University/College circuit "pub performers". There she was recruited to play in London at a musical festival benefiting Children's Aid. From that point on Cheryl traveled extensively, performing in various European centers including London, Paris, and Zurich. She chose to stay a year in Switzerland playing music at an International Ski Resort. Finally, travelling through the US, performing at venues in Hawaii, Texas, and Los Angeles. Now a Vancouver resident, Cheryl has performed extensively at venues all over town including The Railway Club, the now defunct Glass Slipper, Gastown Music Hall, and the Hungry Eye; CBC Plaza Series, The Southhill Candy Shop, The Cultch, The Eco- Fest, The Fringe Festival, Portside Room Lounge as well as many other live venues of Greater Vancouver and Whistler Village. She was the featured artist for World Aid's Day on DayTime TV, has been showcased on radio numerous times and has two soundtracks to her credit, with another title soundtrack for an upcoming Vancouver independent film. Recently, New York rapper "Big Boogz" has taken Cheryl's song "Season" and modified it into a rap song song for his upcoming CD.

Cheryl has performed as well on keyboards with other bands. In the past she has performed with Chris Catalano and The Ancients, backing up the Rose Chronicles. She was also the 2nd guitarist with Dove Child. In her drive to maintain her own creativity and continued passion for writing and working solo, she has filled her repertoire with truly dynamic, relaxed, and intelligent urban stories of song. It wasn't long before Cheryl was noticed by a record label and soon Cheryl got a taste of what life would be like in the big "Star Making Machinery". She didn't like it and left.

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They wanted to make too many changes to the integrity of my music and ultimately would have spoiled the spirit of my songs.
Cheryl Schuh

Now independent and calling the shots, her music remains.... inspired.

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